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The Sovereign Gift Of Repentance

The Sovereign Gift Of Repentance

Ibelieve repentance has been given a bad rap. Often, when our attention is drawn to the topic of repentance, our mentality is that it is for all those sinful people in the world who need to repent of their sin. Certainly, it is true that all the people in the world...

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The Sovereign Gift Of Repentance

Have We Misplaced The Word Of God?

The state of the American church concerns me deeply. It concerns me more than the outcome of an election, or even necessarily the condition of our country. Both of these cause me distress, but the departure of the church from the truth of Scripture, I believe, has a...

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The Sovereign Gift Of Repentance

Life According To God’s Design

The very first psalm in the collection of songs in the Scripture offers us 6 short verses that describe life according to God’s prescribed way and the benefits therewith. It also alerts us to the price to be paid when we disregard His way and seek our own way. The...

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